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Chapter 6


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Partner organisation endorsements

Alex Aiken, Executive Director for UK Government Communications:
Alex Aiken Cabinet OfficeEvaluating communications is an investment in the reputations of organisations. Across UK Government communications, I have rolled out an initiative using the principles of these AMEC Frameworks because they help us to measure the value we add in a credible way. Social Media if used well, is a cost-effective, transparent and immediate. The insight it provides is incredible. Social media measurement matters more now than ever before and I recommend practitioners use these Frameworks to improve the way we think about driving outcomes and behaviour change so that we make communication visibly effective.

Dan Tyte and Gemma Griffiths, co-chairs of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Social Media Panel:
Dan Tyte and Gemma Griffiths - CIPROne of the beauties of social media for PRs who had long struggled to prove the impact of their work was its inherent measurability. But with so many different tools all professing to measure something or other and with very few linking to real campaign and business objectives, it’s easy to see how confusion has reigned for clients, the C-suite and communicators themselves. What the AMEC Social Media Measurement Frameworks do is give a uniformity of approach while allowing flexibility in application. PRs can and should use them at the outset of conversations and campaigns to ensure evaluation is built in before a button is pushed. That’s how PRs can make certain our work on social media has both the influence and impact we know it deserves.

Danny Whatmough, Chair of the Public Relations Consultants Association Digital Group:
Danny Whatmough - PRCAIf there is one thing the entire PR industry seems to agree on, it is that measurement is important. However, getting consensus on what constitutes measurement best practice and putting it into action is a much harder nut to crack. That’s why I think the AMEC Framework and guidelines are so important for our industry. They provide an approach to social media measurement that is comprehensive but realistic, giving agencies and in-house professionals alike the opportunity to ensure that measurement standards are met and that best practice is followed.