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Chapter 5

Top Tips

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Tips Keyboard1 In advance of your campaign, for each step of the Framework, ask yourself what success would look like.

bullet2Then agree your social media objectives and KPIs with your team – and your bosses.

bullet2Make sure that your objectives are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.

bullet2For each target and metric that you identify, ask yourself why it matters and what it proves at least three times. Is it really a metric of value for your work? What does it show?

bullet2Choose your appropriate measurement periods – how frequently do you need to report?

bullet2Gather the right data throughout the process.

bullet2Don’t just use the data for measurement. What insights and opportunities does it reveal too?

bullet2Identify where you are doing well. What’s working and what isn’t? Can you realign resource to improve your outcomes?

bullet2Embrace measurement, don’t fear it. Think of it as a strategic tool to improve your work and not just measurement of past performance.

bullet2Review, adjust, improve.